Cave Springs Annexation Information


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the City want to annex this area?

  • The Northwest Arkansas region, and especially the communities within Benton County face exponential growth in the upcoming years. The City of Cave Springs is proactively planning for the future by implementing utility service expansion, improved public safety services, and the preservation of community character through thoughtful land use planning.
  • In November 2019, Cave Springs approved a $0.0125 sales tax to:
    • expand the City’s Sewer System to NACA, along Highway 264 from Osage Creek to Little Osage Creek;
    • expand the City’s Water System west of Highway 112. The expansion will create a loop that begins at  the Soaring Hawk Subdivision and run north along Murdock Road Phillips Cemetery Road,  Roberts Road to Pace Lane and  east to Highway 112, and finally south to Shores Avenue where it will connect to the existing water system; and
    • build a new Fire Station.
  • The Water and Sewer system expansion extends into significant portions of the annexation area. This expansion allows both systems the capacity to serve the existing City limits and the ability to serve the future needs of the proposed annexation area.
  • A new Fire Station will be built on the north side of Healing Springs Road (Highway 264) just west of the intersection of Main Street (Highway 112) and Healing Springs Road (Highway 264). While the new Fire Station will not be moving far from its present location, it will be located with a more direct access to the proposed annexation area (which it already serves).
  • In order to be the best possible stewards of the taxpayer money, the City is proactively planning for smart and efficient growth of both municipal boundaries and municipal utility infrastructure.

The imminent development of the Highway 612 expansion project, the Highway 112 widening and realignment project, and a future airport access roadway all stand to have a significant impact on the future of Cave Springs in regard to traffic patterns, economic development, future land use and the social fabric of the City and surrounding area. All of these projects will also impact the annexation area.  For the City to be proactively involved in meeting these challenges in the annexation area, annexation into the City of Cave Springs is necessary.


Why is the City proposing this area for annexation right now?

  • The expansion of the water and sewer infrastructure into the annexation area will begin soon. Annexation protects the City’s investment in these utilities and allows for the City to provide this utility service to people in the annexation area in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
  • There is growing development interest within the proposed annexation area. Having the ability to evaluate these development needs over a cohesive designated area for future use, density, utilities, and other municipal infrastructure (such as roads and storm water management) allows for both good and efficient planning. Fiscal efficiency is much harder to achieve if the city takes a checkerboard annexation approach to the future boundaries and development of the City, especially when the future demand is expected to remain strong.


How much land area is currently within the City limits?

5,043 Acres (7.87 sq. miles)


How much land area is proposed to be added with this election?

2,799 Acres (4.47 sq miles)


Who is eligible to vote in this annexation election?

City of Cave Springs residents and residents located within the proposed annexation area.


Will there be a change in the taxes I pay as a Benton County resident vs. a City of Cave Springs resident?

  • Properties within City limits have the benefit of more localized response for public safety, road maintenance, and utilities.
  • Properties within the City limits have lower municipal water rates than those outside of the City.
  • Properties within the City limits have access to sanitary sewer (which is not available outside of City limits).
  • Yes, Cave Springs does have a city property tax of 2.75 mils (which is the lowest in the area)
    • Neighboring city property tax rates are:
      • Bentonville at 5.5 mills
      • Rogers at 3.3 mills
      • Springdale at 5.7 mills
      • Highfill at 5.0 mills


How much of the area proposed for annexation can be served by City Water and Sewer?

  • A City Sewer main is being extended along Highway 264, across the area, with a completion date of late 2022. This intent of this line is to convey sanitary sewer from the current city limits to NACA. 
  • A 12” water main is being extended into the Northeast part of the area in a similar timeframe. Both have excess capacity and are being constructed with the ability to be expanded in the proposed annexation area as additional need is dictated by new development.


What additional financial obligation will the city be taking on regarding water and sewer with this annexation?

  • The current Water and Sewer Systems’ expansion is already financed and will not require additional obligation. The current expansions are being put in place with additional capacity as well as the calculation of additional future system growth.
  • The City has reasonable water and sewer impact fees in place. These fees, placed only on new development that connects to these utility systems, provide the revenue to help mitigate the cost of additional growth of the overall systems.
  • Costs for future development and utilization of this system will be handled on a case by case basis, by developer or shared by developer and city, as is customary.


Is it beneficial to the financial stability of the City’s water and wastewater systems to annex the areas it serves?

Yes, when the area is annexed, it will protect the potential growth in that area for expansion into our system. As total costs are spread across more people utilizing the system, it will be more efficient and cost effective for everyone.


Proposed Zoning for newly annexed areas

  • All properties will be brought into the City zoned as A-1 Agricultural which allows for general agricultural uses and single-family residential uses.
    • Existing uses that are not single family residential or agricultural in nature would be allowed to continue as provided for in the Cave Springs municipal code upon annexation.
  • All property owners within City limits may request to be considered for rezoning if they choose. If you have specific concerns or questions regarding zoning and land use, please contact Mayor Noblett at City Hall. 


How many miles of road does Cave Springs currently maintain?

45.45 miles


How many additional miles of road will be added for City maintenance with this proposed annexation?

21.31 miles


How many of the annexed miles of road will be unpaved roadways?

9.29 miles


How will the City handle maintenance of additional roadways?

  • The City currently has one road grader for the maintenance of current unpaved roads within the City limits. The City will consider the purchase of an additional, newer grader and may continue to utilize the current grader for backup. The City will implement a routine schedule for grading of all unpaved roadways.
  • The City recently received a grant to assist in the purchase of a tractor and boom mower, which will be utilized to keep overhanging brush cleared back and deeper ditches mowed. We also have a new tractor and side mower for keeping roadsides maintained.


Will there need to be an expansion of City personnel to handle maintenance of this area?

Over the past few years, the City has striven to continually improve efficiencies through technology (implementation of radio-read water meters, purchase of a tractor with boom mower, etc.) and will continue to make this a priority. The city is growing quickly and staffing levels are continually evaluated. Initially staffing expansion should be minimal.


How will Police and Fire protection change with this annexation?

The Cave Springs Fire Department currently serves this entire area. The Cave Springs Police Department added two new police officers last year and two more officers were hired in 2021. With the proximity of the Cave Springs Police Department and the addition of these four new police officers, the Cave Springs Police Department is staffed with 11 certified police officers and is currently able to provide services to the annexation area.


Will there be changes for response times for current citizens or citizens being annexed?

With proximity of the Cave Springs Police Department and the addition of these four new police officers, there will be improved coverage and shorter response times for everybody.


Will there be a need for additional City Police personnel?

With the addition of four new police officers over the past year and a half, the Cave Springs Police Department is well prepared to meet the needs of this expansion. Based on per capita violent crime statistics, the City of Cave Springs, compared to other cities across the state, is considered the safest city in Arkansas. The planning and recent growth of the Cave Springs Police Department will ensure that the City of Cave Springs remains a safe place to live and work.


Who can I contact for more information?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to project staff by visiting our Contact page.


When will the annexation election take place?

Election Day is July 13, 2021.  Election day voting location below:

  • VC #12 Lakeview Baptist Church
    1351 E. Lowell Avenue
    Cave Springs, AR
    7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Early Voting locations are below:

  • County Clerk's Office - Bentonville
    215 E. Central
    Bentonville, AR 72712

  • County Clerk's Office - Rogers
    2111 W. Walnut Street
    Rogers, AR 72756